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  • Welcome to Aigre?

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    Enterprise profile


            Founded in 2003, Chengdu Aigre Technology Co.,Ltd. (Aigre Tech.) is a high-tech company belonging to SWJTU industry group, located in Chengdu Modern Industrial Park.

            Aigre Tech. has experienced the development of digestion, absorption and re-creation of the rail welding equipment. Thanks to that, more than 100 high-tech products with independent proprietary rights and strong market competitiveness have been developed. Among them, the mini-type CNC gas pressure machine,the UN5-150 series mobile rail flash butt welding machine, the UN5-150G fixed rail flash butt welding machine and etc. rapidly occupied the domestic market relying on the advantages of "first-class technology,simply operation, perfect service".The equipment have been widely applied to construction project of seamless track for rail transit such as high-speed railway, heavy haul railway, urban subway, light rail and etc. Aigre Tech. has won excellent reputation that when the equipment were extensively used in the national important railway engineering projects of Qinghai-Tibet railway, Beijing-Tianjin inter-city high-speed railway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Shuohuang railway, Hefei-Wuhan passenger dedicated line, Wuhan-Xiangfan line, Shanghai subway and tram, Beijing subway and so on.

            At the time of national strategy of "One Belt, One Road" that Aigre Tech. will insist on the business aim and management idea of "Regarding science and technology as guide, Achieving brand with quality, Public praise with service" as before, do our best to supply more advanced and better quality products for customers. Aigre Tech. aims to be a track welding equipment developing and producing base with international influence.