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    Rail Roller Transmission Line And Its Control System


    Product introduction


    To improving production efficiency in the rail welded base, the whole production line is equipped with two rail roller transmission lines: hot line and cold line. It is mainly composed of the transmission mechanism system ( such as: roller, frame, stent, outrigger, transmission, drive, and etc.) and electronic control system. 


    Performance Feature


    1、Error correction device for roller to control deviation of the rail, and avoid mechanical breakdown or safety accidents.

    2、The concrete location of the rail on the production line can be real-time monitoring by the rail transmission console. 

    3、The system can automatic test whether there is rail entry, automatic start and stop the input roller, and reduces energy consumption to a minimum.

    4、Each operating station on the roller line is equipped with safety interlocking device. Rail transmission is not allowed when any work station is not completed, so that the safe operation can be ensured.

    5、The roller line control system adopts optical fiber digital communication to ensure high efficiency and reliability of data transmission.



    Technical parameters


    1、Roller line speed5-35m/min

    2、The active roller barrel and the driven roller is configured according to 1:2.

    3、Adopt frequency control to achieve accurate control;

    4、The whole project design of the roller line based on the site and efficiency.