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    Rail Flash Welding Rail-Road Truck


    Production introduction

    It’s a kind of transport equipment which can be used to transport of various welding equipment such as groove rail and i-rail. This machine including: auto-refitting-type, electric-flat-type and bogie-type. Among them, the auto-refitting-type has excellent capacity of slope climbing and operation efficiency, which can improve operation efficiency and cut down the operating cost.


    Rail Flash Welding Rail-Road Truck With Auto-Refitting-Type


    1、Using the standard truck chassis so that the maintenance spare parts are easy to purchase.

    2、Its structure is simple and reliable. In the operation mode of railway, the driving force comes from the rear tires of the truck and easy to maintain.

    3、Design and manufacture of all parts of the locomotive running gear according to the wagon standards, which have the feature of mature using experience and high reliability.