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    First in China! The Observation Meeting on Intelligent Track Laying Technology of Ballasted Track of XinYun Company of China Railway First Bureau was Held in China Laos Yumo Railway

    On August 6, the observation meeting of Xinyun company of China Railway First Bureau on the domestic first ballast track intelligent track laying technology was held at Xishuangbanna station of China Laos Yumo railway

    More than 40 people, including Wang Huawu, deputy chief engineer of Kunming Railway Bureau Group Company, Liu Yiqiao, commander of South Yunnan Railway Construction Headquarters, Fang Linhu, director of Yumo railway supervision bid 5 of creec supervision company, Li Yuchao, chief engineer of Xinyun company and heads of relevant branches, attended the observation meeting.

    "Beidou navigation signal is connected and track laying can be started."

    At the construction site, a 500 meter long steel rail laying machine CPG500 independently developed by China accurately laid the last pair of 500 meter long rails of Xishuangbanna station under the guidance of the operation mode of "automatic cruise running positioning system".

    "The operation mode used now is the first in China. The technology comprehensively uses a variety of advanced positioning technologies such as Beidou, GPS, total station, Internet and Internet of things, which has changed the original mode of setting up the guide line in advance by human eyes. It used to take 2 hours to set up the 500 meter guide line, but now thousands of kilometers of track laying path can be planned in one hour, which not only improves the track laying accuracy by twice, but also reduces two operation and setting out personnel." Liu Shugong, project leader of zhonglao jade mill of Xinyun company of China Railway First Bureau, introduced.

    China and old fellow China Railway one belt, one road initiative and one strategic docking project of one belt, one road to another, is also the first international railway to invest in China, build up China's technology standards, use Chinese equipment and directly connect with China's railway network after the proposal of "one belt and one Road" initiative. The track laying task of Yuxi to Mohan section is undertaken by Xin Yun company of China Railway Bureau. Since its opening in April 7, 2020, the new transport company has put into use a batch of new technologies, new equipment and new processes, and has improved its operational efficiency on the premise of ensuring the quality of construction. Only 80 Yu Tian has created a high yield track of laying 500 kilometers, laying a solid foundation for the scheduled opening of the old fellow railway.

    "Since its opening, Xinyun company of China Railway First Bureau has given full play to the advantages established by China railway track technology research and development center in the company, actively carried out innovative research and the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and successively developed 6 projects, including new long rail tractor, automatic cruise travel positioning system, fastener installation vehicle, complete sets of green and new energy rail welding equipment and processes, intelligent tamping of ballasted track and intelligent control platform for rail engineering transportation management The scientific research achievements are the first technology of intelligent track laying of ballasted track. Up to now, these achievements have been put into the construction and production of China Laos Yumo railway. " Li Yuchao, chief engineer of Xinyun company of China Railway First Bureau, introduced.

    In addition, in order to fully demonstrate the fruitful achievements in scientific and technological research and development, Xinyun company has added engineering survey data information management system, ballast track intelligent tamping technology, rail rapid grinding vehicle, and Display of 10 practical technologies, such as normally closed system rail car, rail intelligent flat car, sulfur anchoring intelligent control electromagnetic slurry boiling device, subway operation and maintenance gauge and track geometric state detection integrated equipment, intelligent anti separation management system of rail transit maintenance tools, and wireless synchronous operation system for multiple traction of Dongfeng 4 Diesel locomotive.

    Old fellow railway one belt, one road, and another one, we will further improve the application of scientific and technological achievements in practice. Liu Shugong, the project leader of zhonglao jade mill of Xinyun company of China Railway First Bureau, said.

    In order to prepare for this observation meeting, Xinyun company attaches great importance to it. Since the beginning of the year, general manager Chen Jie, party secretary and Executive Director Tian Weiping have held several special meetings to arrange deployment. Chief engineer Li Yuchao held coordination meetings for many times. More than 10 branches and departments involved overcame difficulties and worked together to ensure the successful completion of the observation meeting.